Top 3 Genres of the Music Industry

Top 3 Genres of the Music Industry

Hitting the road to drive through the ferns for a classy evening escape will only carry a sense of elation when the music enhances the moments. The production of tunes and tones to fuse them into a single entity of a 5-minute marvel is magic not everyone can perform. Music is considered the indispensable virtue of life, and without it, everything would seem bland. This field of creativity has traveled a long way now by garnering fans for various categories.

Although not every person celebrates the release of Starboy’s new album, a group of people love the music produced by that particular artist, and they eagerly wait for the next song. Similarly, hundreds of genres are actively making changes in music. To list down all the music genres and describe them would take as long as writing a novel. Here are some of the top genres of the music industry that you most likely enjoy.

1.      Electronic Dance Music

It has not been long since EDM became a trendy genre. As DJs became more widely popular in the last decade, the demand for high-quality EDM was also increasing. All these artists keep adding tones to the system to create a unique music piece for the audience. You can access EDM from any part of the world now since the DJs perform it in clubs and live events, and it surely is occupying the digital space. Since the devices have become an integral part of life, the opportunities to discover and explore more music are more. EDM used to be known as the electronic music of Kraftwerk, the Yellow Magic Orchestra, and Jamaican dub music. These were the initial phases of the EDM, which later led to the creation of masterpieces.

2.      Rock Music

This genre of music has been generating billowing waves of popularity for almost a century now. The United States was the origin of this music category, which has grown into a worldwide phenomenon. Artists used to play string instruments to create “Rock” music, but the contemporary albums have the most modern instruments and software. The strong and loud beats of this genre make it a favorite of many music lovers and youths. Chuck Berry, Little Richard, and Bill Haley were the first ones to bring some traction onto this music genre, and the modern bands like The Doors, Pink Floyd, Nirvana, and Metallica took it further on the road to popularity.


3.      Jazz

Once considered to be a dying genre, Jazz is now in its rejuvenated form with millions of fans all across the globe. Jazz has generated popularity with its roots in European and West African cultures, making the music a lot more equally calming and exhilarating. The interplay of coactions, creativity, and interactivity made the genre cross boundaries over to the hearts worldwide. Although it originated in the 19th century, it became popular only by the mid 20th century. Women artists like Abbey Lincoln, Betty Carter, Ella Fitzgerald, and Ethel Waters have played a huge part in spreading love with Jazz music.


Mathew Tucker