How To Start Writing Your Song

How To Start Writing Your Song

When writing your song, you’re not only in the process of finding out how to make it as good as you can, you’re also making it an instrument for your listeners to understand your music. Therefore, when it comes to writing your own music, you can follow these few simple steps to help you successfully write a song:

1. Focus On Your Genre

First, find a genre of music you’re interested in and the genre you know you can play on the guitar. This can include songs from many different genres like rock music that you’ve never played before, or it can even be something that you’re familiar with. Listen to the most famous rock bands so you’ll know if it’s the music you’ll focus in.

It would help if you have this as a guide to remind you throughout the process so that you’re not trying to be a specialist in a genre that you’re not.

2. Write A Title

After knowing your genre, start a title for your song. The best way to write a title is to get through the songwriter’s block, and if you can get past it, you can then write the rest of the song.

There are many tips how you can create title for your song, but the best is to make the name of the song catchy. This is because if people aren’t attracted to it, they’ll not listen to it.

3. Choose A Song Structure

If you’re making a song, you’ll have to learn how to choose a song structure for it. You must follow the basic rules so you can write a song successfully.

One of the most important things to know is the tempo that your song will go at. It’s essential to know where your song will go on the beat because it will allow you to create a more musical flow. It’s also vital that you can write the verse and chorus in different ways, and they’re also separated in the song structure.

Another thing when learning how to choose a song structure for your song is using a guitar. It’s a good idea to use a guitar if you know how to play it properly so you can play the melody of your song at the right time. You might want to start with a simple riff in your head before you try to learn how to write a song with a guitar. Try to get a feel of the sound you want to create before putting the chords.

4. Put A Melody

While most of you might have never thought of it, learning how to put a melody for your song can help you come up with a great song.

One good way to put a melody for your song is to listen to the song you’re trying to write. You need to listen to the song and try to figure out what song has the best melody, or at least the melody you want your song to be.

This may sound like a difficult task, but you’ll be surprised how much easier it can be after you’ve started to write some of your songs. Once you have figured out which song has the best melody, you’ll be ready to write your own song. You should always remember that you should be writing your song in the order in which it’s going to play in the future.


By learning how to use these tips, you’ll be able to write your song that will be something that will impress your listeners. Focus on a genre you’re good at, then create a title that’ll easily catch attention. Afterwhich, choose a song structure suitable for your song before putting a melody on it.

That way, you can compose a song that people will love.

Mathew Tucker