4 Most Expensive Vinyl Records

4 Most Expensive Vinyl Records

The most expensive vinyl records are interesting because each has its own set of fans and their own set of price ranges. Depending on how much you’re willing to spend on each record, you can have an estimate based on the following most expensive vinyl records:

1. The Beatles’ White Album

It has long been considered that The Beatles’ White Album’s original vinyl record as an incredibly rare item, and in fact, it’s even considered a collector’s item now. The high demand for the Beatles (White Album) itself is one of the main reasons for such price.

When it comes to how much the vinyl record of The Beatles (White Album) is, the answer varies. One is to consider the different places where the album came out.

  • The original UK release was one-sided, which made the price increase quite significant.
  • The second album to come out was a double-disc, which had a bonus disc on the bottom, which contained some live songs that had previously not been on the original release.
  • Finally, a third album came out with three sides and a bonus disc, which added a song with no lyrics and was known as “Daydream Believer.”

To give you an insight, Beatles drummer Ringo Starr auctioned his copy for USD 790,000. Now you can imagine how much the other copies are.

2. Elvis Presley’s My Happiness

The vinyl record of Elvis Presley’s My Happiness is a recording that has become one of the most popular recordings in history, with its famous “Happiness is a Warm Gun” chorus. It was recorded over two days, and Elvis ended up playing the entire song without a break in between.

The price of the record can be as high as $500. It’s worth spending that much if you’re genuinely interested in a one of a kind record that has excellent quality and authenticity. Even though the cost of such records aren’t cheap, they’re an investment that’ll last for decades.

3. John Lennon & Yoko Ono’s Double Fantasy

The vinyl record of Double Fantasy is one of those rare and hard to find records.

There are several different reasons why the vinyl record of Double Fantasy is so expensive. The first reason is that the master recording is a rarity. Thus, making the actual recording hard to find. 

The second reason the vinyl record of Double Fantasy is so expensive is the number of different colors pressed, and even more than that, the sheer number of copies made. There are two separate versions of the song, and since the song has three different sections and four other songs, there are six various vinyl records that have the music from each one of the sections.

It’s estimated that over forty thousand people have bought all the different versions of the song.

4. Frank Wilson’s Do I Love You

There are many reasons why the vinyl record of Frank Wilson’s Do I Love You is costly is that the original records have the original master tapes of the album. With such, the master tapes aren’t altered, unlike its other cheaper copies. 

Another reason for its cost is that the vinyl record has different parts. It has a complete instrumental track with a violin, piano, drums, and strings placed in between the songs with lyrics and soundtracks. As a result, the original vinyl record of the album is considered a collector’s item.


The cost of vinyl records can be expensive, depending on its originality and rarity. Especially if it’s tagged as a collector’s item, expect that its price is high.

If you can’t afford these collector’s items, then there are cheaper copies with quality. You only need to look for a good store that offers such. Nowadays, you can even enjoy listening to these pieces using music streaming services.


Mathew Tucker